November 14 - DHL Industrial Projects has completed a number of heavy lift projects in Vietnam, Denmark and Kuwait.

DHL Industrial Projects Vietnam delivered three pressure vessels and spare parts from the Dung Quat industrial park in the Quang Ngai province of Vietnam, to the port of Seattle, USA.

The total consignment weighed 320 tonnes, with the largest piece weighing 30 tonnes and measuring 11.85 m x 4.75 m x 4.6 m. DHL organised the transportation from the customer's factory in Vietnam to the Danang port and the shipment to the USA, as well as the final delivery of the cargo from the port of Seattle to the job site in Canada.



Elsewhere, DHL Industrial Projects Denmark transported three complete 3 MW wind turbines from Denmark to a wind farm in Ireland.

DHL organised transportation, load-out and offloading of the cargo, which consisted of blades measuring 49 m long, an 80-tonne nacelle, a 36 m high top tower weighing 60 tonnes and a 17 m high base tower with a weight of 77 tonnes. 



DHL Industrial Projects Hungary also completed a heavy lift for the energy industry, packing and loading units for an electricity network renewal project in Kuwait.

The cargo, which had a total weight of 430 tonnes, consisted of 36 oversized modules, each measuring 5.35 m x 2.2 m x 3 m and weighing between 8.1 and 9.2 tonnes, as well as 139 crates which were loaded in 15 standard 40 ft containers.

DHL handled the packaging and crating of the switchgears and their spare parts, before loading and shipping the general containers alongside the oversized cargo in open top containers.