July 29 - Rainer Bechler becomes the new head of Industrial Projects in Germany for DHL Global Forwarding from August 1st, 2011. He will be based in Bremen.

Mr Bechler joins DHL from Agility , where he has worked as the vp or project logistics in central Europe and brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas, says a company statement. 

Meanwhile, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, has launched a new service for carbon emissions tracking, theGOGREEN Carbon Dashboard

Customers can choose from a variety of certified reports to better understand the main drivers of carbon emissions from the various transport modes involved including pickup and delivery emissions in their supply chain. It helps account for and manage carbon emissions, including third party emissions, with detailed and reliable CO2 mapping available instantly from a web-based hub. 

"Up to 500f the carbon footprint of a product comes from the supply chain. DHL Global Forwarding, Freight now offers its customers a best-in-class tool to gain transparency on the carbon efficiency within their supply chain. In the future, carbon will become a global currency and DHL makes it easy for companies to integrate it in their balance sheet. The new Carbon Dashboard helps our customer identify their impact in detail, so that together we can find 'greener' solutions wherever possible," says Kathrin Brost, vice president, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight Green Strategy.


The Carbon Dashboard ensures a standard calculation approach and treats CO2 as an integrated business parameter, putting it into relation with other supply chain parameters such as volumes shipped, product density and trade lane efficiency. It also enables them to dry run various carbon reduction scenarios using real data and explore the effectiveness of different optimisation levers.