July 12 - After nearly two years, Dockwise has completed the first of two float-overs for the Vyborg Project in Korea, writes Alice Davidson.

The Vyborg Project has a total revenue of approximately USD100 million, and involves moving two 15,000 tonne semi-submersible hulls and two 19,000 tonne topsides. The process includes the use of five tugs, two anchor handlers, one workboat, two anchor barges, one test barge, a crane barge, three launch boats and several guard boats. The second topside and hull will be completed using the same procedure later this autumn.

John van der Woning, project manager, said: "This project has created an excellent opportunity to show what we can achieve in the transport and installation industry. This has been a 24-hour-a-day operation for over a week, and everyone has been working together to get the job done."