June 10 - Donjon Marine mobilised its 400 tonne capacity derrick barge, Columbia, NY, to salvage the fishing boat Atlantic Traveler, which had sank after hitting the South Jetty of Manasquan Inlet off Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USA.

Three crewmen onboard the fishing boat were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The vessel sank outside the south Jetty in an upside down position. After more than three weeks of inclement weather, Donjon Marine's Columbia, NY sailed from its home base in Port Newark, New Jersey to perform the wreck removal.

During the bad weather period, Donjon salvage crews, working from the beach, prepared the upside down vessel for lift by cutting holes through the hull for placement of the heavy lift slings.

Once weather subsided, Donjon completed the salvage effort in one day. Due to the damage sustained to the vessel as a result of the sinking, Atlantic Traveler will be cut up, and recycled.

"Donjon's effort on this project was multi-faceted and we are proud of the work that was completed in a timely and efficient manner," said John A. Witte, Jr., executive vice president, Donjon Marine.