September 20 - Mumbai-based project forwarder Express Transport (ETPL), a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), has undertaken the shortsea coastal movement of a significant consignment from the west coast Indian port of Hazira in a 1,400 km

Six OOG cargoes, including a 407 tonne stator, were were loaded and unloaded in less that 24 hours at each port.

The move, which as a coastal movement involving non-Indian flagged shipping required specific permissions under the laws of cabotage from the Indian authorities, followed a significant move undertaken by ETPL to transport four reactors from the vendor's plant in Sohar, Oman to the port of New Mangalore, India.

The reactors varied from 84 to 181 tonnes and were loaded at the vendor's assembly plant onto special hydraulic axles. After a police-escorted movement to the quayside, ETPL organised the heavy lift and post-arrival transportation at Sohar port, as well as mamanging the load from under hook into the hatch of the vessel. The whole operation was completed in less than 12 hours, with the vessel sailing the same day.

The customer had been informed the transit time was six days; in reality, it took just four days to transit.

The Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) is a leading global franchise network for project cargo forwarders with country/area exclusivity.