August 28 - Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation has delivered the main body of a mill from Turkey's Samsun port to a site 60 km away.

Once a special road permit had been obtained, the cargo, which had a total weight of 187.9 tonnes and measured 18.4 m x 5.64 m x 5.77 m, was lashed and secured onto a trailer at the port, before being transported by road to the cement plant.

The vehicle was accompanied by pilot cars as well as a police escort. In order to complete the transport, it was necessary to close a number of roads and temporarily remove a license plate recognition camera from the side of the road.

On arrival at the site, Ekin also moved another 160-tonne mill main body to its installation foundations within the plant, in addition to handling the mobile crane and installation operations. 

Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Turkey.