July 7 - EMS-Fehn-Group managing director Manfred Müller has said that shortsea shipping has a “bright future”, agreeing that it is not only able to relieve road and rail from ever-increasing transport volumes but is also the best choice when it comes to

The EU has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2050. Without a significant change in transport modes, the EU will not be able to meet this ambitious plan, said EMS, noting that shortsea shipping could relieve some of the pollution.

Meanwhile, one of the ships in Fehn Ship Management's fleet - Nortrader - has recently completed the transport of five tanks from Brugge, Belgium to Azov in Russia.

Another EMS-Fehn-Group company, EMS Log, has also handled the shipment of construction material and equipment from sites across Germany to northern Norway.

Instead of using the normal method or transporting by road through Germany, Denmark and Norway, EMS Log consolidated the cargo in Germany and shipped it around the Norwegian coast to its final destination.