May 11 - EMS-Fehn-Group has established EMS-Fehn-Group (EFG) Scandinavia in Bergen, Norway to offer logistics services with a focus on project logistics and crane services in the Nordic countries.

"With EFG Scandinavia we not only move closer to our longstanding customers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland," says Manfred Müller, ceo of EMS-Fehn-Group. "The company also adds new skills to the whole of EMS-Fehn-Group, as the team of EFG Scandinavia is experienced in the field of logistics and crane services."

Tom-Roar Solhaug, managing director of EFG Scandinavia, added: "The Nordic countries offer a lot of opportunities for crane services and project logistics … Additionally we are able to make direct use of the heavy haulage equipment of our sister company Europatrans, which is already very active in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland."