July 18 - German Albanian Logistics Agency (GALA) together with EMS Log (Bremen) has successfully transported components for a mineral water bottling plant from Germany to Sheper, a remote mountainous area in southern Albania.

EMS Log organised the transport of 81 separate consignments from Germany through the Port of Durres, Albania. From the port, GALA oversaw the storage and preparation of the parts for the demanding 200 km trip south.

Dominic Sleur, managing director of EMS Log, explained that a team of experts from different companies in Germany and Albania was assembled to plan and execute the project.

"Transport in this area is extremely demanding and requires in-depth experience, logistics knowhow and a thorough understanding of local conditions."

Prior to the first transport, a truck loaded with a mock-up of the largest module to be moved, which measured 4.3 m x 3 m x 3.23 m, was used for the road survey.

In total, 31 truckloads were transported for the project, with the trucks often moving at walking pace due to the challenges en route. The vehicles had to negotiate narrow mountainous gravel roads with steep gradients, sharp turns and difficult passages through several villages.