June 19 - EMS-Fehn-Group has transported 135,000 tons (122,470 tonnes) of pipes and bends over a 15-month period for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project in Albania.

TAP is a 3,500 km pipeline that will connect gas fields in the Caspian Sea with Europe, reaching from the Turkish-Greek border to Italy.

For the 215 km Albanian section of the pipeline, EMS transported the pipes and bends from the Port of Brake, Germany to the Port of Durres, Albania, across 15 shipments.

The cargoes were discharged at the EMS APO terminal in the Port of Durres and transferred to an intermediate storage area.

According to EMS APO branch manager, Charles Gillespie: "Before the first vessel arrived, we sent our Albanian stevedores to Germany, so they could gather first-hand experience in the handling procedures."

EMS also sent a German safety engineer to Durres to probe and certify all equipment including trailers and trucks to make sure they met the highest safety standards.