April 19 - Gold Star Consulting has transported the main engines and generators for an ARC-130 icebreaker under construction at Vyborg Shipyard in Russia.

Gold Star organised the transport of generators from a Russian factory to a Wärtsilä factory in Vaasa, Finland, where the generators were combined with engines supplied by Wärtsilä. The engines and generators were then transported from Vaasa to Vyborg's Shipyard via the Port of St Petersburg, where Gold Star also handled the Customs clearance.

The first two 83-tonne engines were delivered on a ro-ro vessel at the end of 2016, while the two main engines, weighing 133 tonnes each, were delivered on a multipurpose ship from the Port of Vaasa to Russia. Gold Star also handled the transportation of the engines, which measured 4.15 m in height, from St Petersburg to its final destination in Vyborg.