August 6 - Ballast Nedam has signed a contract with E.ON for the installation of monopiles at the German Amrumbank West offshore wind farm.

Ballast Nedam will erect the monopiles and provide logistics between the feeder port in Cuxhaven and the 288 MW Amrumbank West farm, which is located in the North Sea about 35 km north of Helgoland.

Ballast Nedam will use its heavy lift vessel Svanen to install the monopiles, each of which weigh up to 800 tonnes with heights of up to 70 m and diameters of 6 m.

The company explained that the installation strategy for the project is based on the feeder concept of bringing floating monopiles to the heavy lift vessel at the installation site. Ballast Nedam said that this method has been optimised over recent years, resulting in highly efficient installation cycles.

Svanen has arrived in Cuxhaven and installation works are scheduled to start in the middle of August this year.