April 2 - Erickson Air-Crane - a provider of heavy lift helicopter services - has extended agreements with two Canadian clients for the provision of its S-64E helicopter services.

Erickson will provide Helifor Canada, an affiliate of Columbia Helicopters, with logging services and transmission tower construction in western Canada. The contract is effective January 1, 2013 through to December 31, 2013 and is valued at USD8-10 million.
"This will be the third consecutive year that Erickson has contracted with Helifor to provide heavy lift aerial services in Canada, and we are pleased to continue the relationship," said Erickson ceo Udo Rieder.
The heavy lift helicopter, which is capable of lifting 9.1 tonnes, will be used to remove timber in remote and rugged terrain in British Columbia. Erickson will also deliver lift services and precision placement of transmission towers for power line construction.
A second contract signed with Western Forest Products, valued at USD10-13 million, will see Erickson provide aerial support for year-round logging efforts in British Columbia and Alberta. The S-64E will be used primarily for the extraction of trees on difficult terrain. The deal is an extension of an agreement that rolls-on from 2012.
"These two contracts maintain Erickson's position as the leading heavy-lift helicopter provider to the Canadian timber markets, where we've been operating continuously for nearly forty years," continued Rieder.