April 20 - The multipurpose vessel Eris J, which is managed by Jumbo through the recently formed Jumbo Arkon Alliance (JAA), is en route to the Philippines loaded with two Liebherr LPS cranes.

Before the two cranes were loaded on deck in Rostock, Germany, the vessel was customised at the port of Antwerp in order to allow for the shipment of the heavy cranes. The tweendecks were modified to allow the deck width to be extended, so that rail beam supports matching the width of the crane could be installed.

On arrival in Germany, the first LPS 550 crane was loaded, moved to the rear of the ship and secured, followed shortly by the loading of the second LPS 600 crane.

The vessel is now en route to Limay and Davao in the Philippines, via the Suez Canal.

Eris J is one of three vessels that are part of the Jumbo Arkon Alliance (JAA) - the ships are under full technical management by Reederei Juengerhans and commercially and operationally managed by Jumbo, in close cooperation with Arkon Shipping & Projects

HLPFI reported on March 19 that Jumbo had joined forces with Arkon through the JAA.