August 4 - Europe Cargo, member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Belgium, has handled the unloading of 20 pipes, ranging in length from 39.2 m to 44 m, at the Port of Zeebrugge.

The pipes, which had a diameter of 2.3 m and ranged in weight from 69.8 tonnes to 78.2 tonnes, arrived at the port on board Hansa Heavy Lift's HHL Kobe. 

The shipment was discharged onto wooden cradles before a floating pontoon ship-to-shore crane moved them to the opposite side of the dock, where they will be drilled into place for a new jetty. 


Meanwhile, Vangard Logistics, PCN member in India, has transported railway train components from the Kattupalli Terminal in Chennai, to Mexico. 

The cargoes were placed on Mafi trailers for loading onto a ro-ro vessel. 



Meanwhile, Titan Project & Logistic and MAC Logistic International Group have coordinated the shipment of a 10 m long boat from Italy to Miami, USA.