June 29 - Alzey, Germany-headquartered civil engineering and road construction company Faber Bau has acquired two Goldhofer low loader semi-trailers with wheel recesses.

The STZ-L 3 A RM and STZ-L4 A RM models will be used for delivering machinery to the company's construction sites.

The latter is a four-axle semi-trailer with a payload of 42 tons (38.1 tonnes), featuring  an extendable deck, creating a loading length of up to 12.8 m. According to Markus Kasper, head of mechanical engineering at Faber Bau, this will be used to move asphalt pavers.

According to Goldhofer, the overall length of the trailer does not exceed 16.5 m, which avoids the requirement for transport permits.

The wheel recesses feature drive-on covers for carrying wheeled and tracked vehicles.