August 16 - A Jumbo Shipping J-class ship has been involved in the movement of the first tranche of heavy lift and out-of-gauge cargoes from Hazira, India to New Mangalore Port for the Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) expansion project.

Fairplayer, equipped with two cranes with a combined lift of 1,800 tonnes, loaded ten heavy lift items and 700 cu m of general cargo associated with the movement.

Six of the heavylift items were loaded from the quayside while the remaining items were loaded from a barge. All loading was completed in 20 hours.

Cargoes for a second project, the Shuifu revamp project in Shanghai, was also loaded at the same time on Fairplayer, another J-class ship, at Mumbai Port.

The cargoes included three reactors, along with general cargo and accessories, weighing 800 tonnes each, and destined for Map Ta Phut in Thailand. Each reactor, transported for CTCI Taipei Taiwan, were identical at 36 m length and 12.6 m width. Their destination was a PTTAC (PTT Asahi Chemical Company) chemical plant in Map Ta Phut.