March 30 - Fairstar Heavy Transport has signed a USD1.2 million contract with Aveon Offshore Ltd to provide marine transportation services for the Chevron OAGM project in Nigeria, writes Charlotte Matheson.

One of company's semi-submersible heavy transport ships, Fjell, is currently on route to Angola and will transport two power barges from the Bonny River in Nigeria to the Escravos Area. The operation is expected to take about 12 days.

Fairstar's other the ship, Fjord, has recently arrived in Okpo, South Korea and will shortly enter a drydock facility nearby to prepare for Australian quarantine compliance. Fjord will go on contract for the Gorgon LNG Project in May.

Willem Out, chief operating officer at Fairstar said: "Fjell will be demonstrating its special qualities to return these power barges into service at Escravos. The shallow draft of the vessel and its very strong deck and frame give Fjell performance features critical for the safe and reliable execution of this transportation."

Fjord arrived in Okpo from Angola, loaded with FPSO components.