May 21 - Specialised trailer manufacturer Faymonville celebrated 25 years of operations at its East Belgium manufacturing site by exhibiting its latest products at a number of 'Demo Days' at the end of April 2013.

Faymonville has been located at the Bullingen Industrial park since 1988. It used the 'Demo Days' to exhibit its full range of haulage equipment. Its most eye-catching exhibit was the new Powermax G-SL-6 APMC 12x6 trailer (pictured). The Powermax can be used as a standard trailer, with auxiliary drive or as a stand alone SPMT.
When approaching slopes or inclines the auxiliary drive provides extra traction, reducing the number of tractor units required for heavy transports.
The APMC is compatible with the Modulmax S-ST and is now benefits from three driven axle lines instead of the original two. Further refinements have resulted in 50 percent greater traction, according to Faymonville.