July 6 - Faymonville, the Belgian trailer manufacturer, is taking on a new challenge in North America, writes Isabel Freedman.

Paul Hönen, leader of the project, declared that "fortunately they [Faymonville's transport concepts] are perfectly suited to the requirements of the North American transport sector." Faymonville therefore hopes to become the market leader in North America, despite it being a new market area for the company.

HLPFI reported on March 10 that Faymonville had launched a new trailer for the North American market: the HighwayMAX

The HighwayMAX is compatible with regulations in the USA and Canada, allowing a maximum payload due to its adapted dimensions. It has an extendable on-road heavy haul trailer and a technical payload of 260,000 lbs (117.9 tonnes). "With its pendular axles and torsion stiff frame, the HighwayMAX is unique in North America," says Hönen.

A number of the nine-axle heavy haul trailers are already being used from Massachusetts to Ohio and Wyoming, said Faymonville. Columbus, Ohio headquartered Capital City Group recently became one of the first companies to receive a new HighwayMAX trailer.

Hönen said that there is high demand for the new model due to its "improved properties with regard to handling technology."

Pictured below, we can see the HighwayMAX trailer in action with the Capital City Group loaded with out-of-gauge cargo.