October 31 - Czech Republic based APB Pilzen has ordered two seven-axle flatbed lowloaders from Faymonville's MultiMAX series.

The trailers were designed specifically for APB Pilzen to transport railway vehicles.

Faymonville used offset axles, so that it could reduce the loading height in driving position to 740 mm up to the rail guide on the semi-trailer. This allowed the load to easily remain below the required total height, so that underpasses were no obstacle. 

Another specification was the rail guide incorporated into the loading platform, which makes it possible to choose variable rail widths of 1 m, 1.45 m or 1.675 m. Faymonville believes this feature to be particularly important since railway vehicles often have different rail widths, depending on the country.

APB Pilzen ordered both vehicles with a hydraulic rear extension (a stander) for secure loading and unloading, to optimise the load distribution. The integrated rail extensions of the stander allow the rapid assembly of a loading ramp with a maximum incline of 2.5 degrees, explained the Belgian trailer manufacturer.

The rear extension can also support up to 15 tonnes of payload during the transport.

Along with the telescopic loading platform, APB Pilzen has the possibility of expanding the semi-trailer with mountable extensions. To achieve this, a separation point was built in between the gooseneck and loading platform.

Due to the pre-cambering of the extensions support, the heaviest railway vehicles with several wheeled chassis can be transported without any deflection of the loading platform, explained Faymonville.