August 24 - The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbour has welcomed Fednav's oceangoing laker, Federal Caribou, which is one of seven new ships equipped with a ballast water treatment system.

Claiming to be the first shipping company in the Great Lakes to treat ballast water using an onboard system, Fednav explained that the vessel helps protect the lakes by treating its ballast water two times - conducting an exchange in the North Atlantic, and using filtration and chlorine disinfection treatment on board the ship.

Federal Caribou is part of a series of 16 Handysize vessels designed specifically for the Great Lakes. The vessel and its sisterships have box-shaped holds in order to facilitiate the handling of general cargo.

As well as the innovative ballast water treatment systems, Fednav says that its new ships produce 25 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than similar vessels built less than 15 years ago, and 15 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions.

"This vessel confirms that the protection of the Great Lakes is a priority for Fednav and demonstrates the confidence we have in the region's future," said Fednav president and co-ceo, Paul Pathy.