July 6 - As the impressive photographs show, the transport of a 302 tonne gas turbine by Felbermayr earlier this year required some innovative logistics work and collective action by the company's employees in Bucharest, Linz and Wels.

The gas turbine was carried on a pontoon some 350 km from the port of Constanta via the Danube river to Oltenita and on to the gas and steam power plant at Petrobrazi via a Schnabel bridge, to minimise the overall height of the shipment.

The total length of the transport unit, including SPMTs, tractors and a pusher machine was around 110 m giving a total weight of 650 tonnes.

This presented considerable headaches for the Felbermayr team which was responsible for ensuring that the many bridges on route could handle the weight of the shipment, and that there was sufficient height clearance under the many pedestrian crossings between Oltenita and Petrobrazi. Bridge issues required Felbermayr to plan a diversion of almost 200 km of the direct route.

In addition to the gas turbine, Felbermayr also managed the transportation of transformers, heating modules and other OOG cargo amounting to some 50,000 tonnes of freight to the power plant construction site which is scheduled to commence operations in 2012.

With a total length of 110 m, careful route planning was essential.

For optimal weight distribution of the 302 tonne turbine, 44 axle lines were used.

Some 34 bridges were crossed on route.

The first phase of the journey started on the River Danube