January 9 - Felbermayr has erected a 6.2 MW wind turbine at an onshore test centre for offshore wind farms in northern Germany using its Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane.

Felbermayr said that a total of 42 heavy-duty transporters were required to transport the LR11000 crane and its ballast weights to the construction site, from its previous jobsite in Romania.

Günther Wimmer, of Felbermayr's project division, explained that after being delivered by road to the port of Constanta, the crane parts were loaded onto a vessel and shipped to Bremerhaven, before being transported over 42 km by road to the construction site. 

Once on site the crane was equipped with a 78 m long Power Boom, in order to increase the machine's load capacity, coupled with a 42 m long derrick boom and 66 m long luffing jib.

The ballast assembly comprised of a 435-tonne suspended ballast, a 50-tonne central ballast and a 210-tonne superstructure ballast.

With the crane reaching a hook height of 138 m, work began on the hoisting of the five steel towers, each of which weighed up to 174 tonnes. The crane then lifted the 194-tonne lower section of the machine housing, the transformer, gearbox and drive train, before assembling a helicopter landing pad at a height of around 130 m. 

The final part of the job included the assembly of the rotor, which included three 74.4 m long rotor blades, and the lifting of the 175.4-tonne unit to a height of 124 m.