July 25 - Dockwise has confirmed the first contract for its new 'Type 0' ship which is due to be delivered at the end of 2012 from the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Korea.

The ship will transport the Jack St. Malo platform hull from Korea to the US Gulf of Mexico, says Dockwise, adding that the selection of the Type 0 vessel has now been confirmed by Chevron, the operator of the Jack St. Malo floating production platform.

"We are pleased with the trust Chevron places in the capabilities of the new vessel and the commitment of Dockwise's management and staff to make this first assignment of the vessel a success. Also, this commitment is a very clear sign that this vessel will rapidly earn its place in the market and, as indicated earlier, has the potential to create a new market of its own", comments Andre Goedee, Dockwise's CEO.