August 25 - Intermarine is taking delivery of Industrial Freedom, the first of its next generation of multipurpose heavy lift ships.

Built in China, the new so-called "F Class" series consists of four 14,000 dwt heavy lift ships boasting two 400 tonne cranes combinable for 800-tonne lifts and one 80-tonne standard crane. With their deckhouses located towards the bows, the ships will have even greater flexibility for handling large modules or stacking several tiers of lightweight cargo, says Intermarine

In addition to Industrial Freedom, Intermarine will take delivery of Industrial FighterIndustrial Force andIndustrial Faith

Commenting on the expansion programme, Andre Grikitis, president of Intermarine, said, "Although the shipping industry worldwide is in a bit of a recession, we see continued growth in the project sector, which will demand modern tonnage to meet transport requirements and schedules.

"The size of reactors, fractionators, and cracking towers at refineries and chemical plants are getting bigger, and these new ships will have greater cargo intake while retaining the shallow draft capability that allows us to serve smaller ports and undeveloped areas."