February 19 - The Mega Passion, a semi-submersible heavy lift ship, has been successfully launched for TPI Mega Line by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Final delivery to the client is expected to be in May, 2010. She will be followed by two si

The Mega Passion has a length of 203 m, breadth of 63 m and a maximum load out capacity of 45,000 tonnes at a speed of 12 knots. 

According to TPI Mega Line, this will make the vessel the largest semi-submersible ship in Asia and second largest in the world. The ship has the capacity to transport drilling rigs, various offshore equipment and platforms as she can be submerged down to a depth of 22 m.

Until now the "Big Three" Korean shipbuilders have depended on overseas companies to transport heavy offshore plants and equipment ex South Korea.

Interex Mega Line was established in December, 2006 as the first in a series of heavy marine freight transportation companies grouped under Mega Line. Interex Mega Line is currently delivering pre-assembled shipbuilding blocks manufactured by DSME Shandong Corporation (DSSC) in Yantai, China to Okpo, Republic of Korea using 17,300 dwt Mega Trust.

Transport Mega Line was launched next under the Mega Line umbrella in May, 2008 and is currently transporting pre-assembly shipbuilding blocks internationally. 

The creation of TPI Mega Line also happened in May, 2008. The Mega Passion will be followed by Mega Caravan and Mega Integrity in May and September, 2011 respectively.