July 24 - According to a post on the Geodis Wilson website, the Industrial Projects Division of Geodis Wilson, has successfully completed the loading of the first 4 lock gates, to be shipped to Panama.

During 2012 Geodis Wilson was awarded a contract to manage the transport of 16 lock gates, weighing more than 4,000 tonnes each, for the expansion of the Panama Canal.

The ship with the first four lock gates, was due to sail yesterday and delivery in Panama is foreseen after approximately 22 days. This first shipment will be followed by other three similar shipments, completing the whole transport by the middle of next year.

The new gates are part of the large-scale expansion, planned by the Panama Canal Authority, designed to double the capacity of the Panama Canal by 2015. The new lock chambers will enable the new ships generation (post-Panamax) to transit the canal, connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.