June 13 - FLS Projects has completed the shipment of two 158-ton (143.3-tonne) transformers and related accessories from Turkey to Taiwan for Taiwan Power Company's Dah Tarn gas-fired power plant project.

In order to meet the client's tight schedule, the vessel was chartered by FLS on a last in/first out basis, and was positioned at the Port of Derince prior to the arrival of the cargoes.

In a separate project, the third of seven vessels will arrive at the Port of Marsden Point, New Zealand, as part of FLS' ongoing project to deliver structural steel for the Commercial Bay Tower and the New Zealand International Convention Center.

FLS has shipped approximately 7,000 revenue tonnes of breakbulk cargo fro

m Laem Chabang, Thailand for the two projects, with another 12,000 revenue tonnes to be transported as well as 250, 40 ft containers to be shipped by regular liner services.

FLS is responsible for the delivery of the cargoes from the factory to the port, Customs clearance, port handling, ensuring the cargo meets the New Zealand quarantine requirements, and the chartering of multipurpose vessels for the projects, which began in December, 2016.