April 15 - In the upcoming May / June edition of Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding, we will analyse developments in the civil engineering environment that are impacting on the demand and supply of heavy lift shipping capacity.

We will also focus on the role played by project forwarders such as Abnormal Load Services (International) Limited and shipping lines, without the services of which, very little modern civil engineering infrastructure would get built. 

Pictured is a typical project for ALS which has a particular interest in this sector. The photos show an enormous "Mühlenrohr" weighing an impressive 165 tonnes which was moved from Belgium to Romania, by ALS (Freight Management Nederland), assisted by ALS Freight Management in Bucharest. The cement mill, which measured 16.64m in length is one of the biggest machines sold and delivered by Christian Pfeiffer. This abnormal load began its multimodal journey from Belgium on a modular trailer before being lifted on to a barge and reloaded onto a ro-ro barge in Romania. The piece arrived at its final destination on a modular trailer. 

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