December 18 - The Melbourne, Australia branch of Famous Pacific Shipping (FPS), has been awarded a contract to handle the import, unpacking and delivery of 52 containers loaded with 1,138 tonnes of steel coil.

The cargo arrived in Melbourne on an ANL Shipping vessel from China. FPS Melbourne was responsible for the monitoring, Customs clearance, collection of the containers and their transfer to the FPS container freight station.

The steel - delivered as 168 coils and weighing 7-9 tonnes each - is set for use in the construction of commercial buildings.

The material requires slitting before it can be used in the projects. FPS has been tasked with unpacking the coiled steel and loading it on to its own flat bed vehicles before delivering it to a slitting plant.

FPS stated that 50 truck journeys will be required to deliver the cargo to the plant 45 km away.