France is rolling out an online platform for the registration of abnormal loads, according to the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes (ESTA).

Scales Octra

Photo credit: Octra/SCALES.

The platform – Mon Transport Exceptionnel – was launched on June 15 and will progressively replace the existing TENET system for formulating requests for abnormal loads in France. The old system will be closed on September 15, 2023.

Transport operators can already register on the platform. A guide, in French, details the steps to register and is in the Library of the ESTA website here.

The procedure to create an account for a foreign carrier is described at point II. C. 2. b). According to ESTA, as foreign carriers do not have a SIREN company identification number, they only have to fill in their contact details.

Anyone encountering technical difficulties during registration can contact this address: For any other difficulty on the platform, please contact: