March 18 - Two oversized cargoes manufactured by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) have been shipped from Adani Port, India to Suriname. It was the heaviest-ever shipment handled at the Adani gateway, according to Indian forwarder Freight Wings Pvt (FWPL).

L&T manufactured an 805-tonne reactor measuring 50 m x 8.6 m x 5.3 m; and a 158-tonne vacuum column with dimensions of 42.5 m x 7.35 m x 7.3 m at its Hazira Yark facility, Gujarat, India.

The shipment was destined for Suriname's state-owned refining company Staastoil at its Tout Lui Faut plant in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Adani Port is located approximately 10.5 km from the L&T manufacturing facility and FWPL was tasked with delivering the cargo the gateway. After extensive planning, FWPL decided to use 48-axles of SPMTs to transport machinery to the port.

FWPL delivered the two pieces under-the-hook for loading on board Combi Lift's vessel Palau. The heavy loads were loaded on board using two 450-tonne derrick cranes.

FWPL - tasked with negotiating the issues of moving such a heavy load on Indian roads to the port, as well as satisfying the strict loading conditions set by the port's engineering department - delivered the heavy machinery safely and on schedule.