September 16 - Shipping, logistics and marine services provider GAC has delivered a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) for use in Greek waters surrounding the islands of Lesbos and Samos.

The transportation of the 9 m rescue boat and associated aid from Gothenburg to Samos was coordinated by GAC Sweden. The cargo was moved 3,500 km overland to Greece, before being shipped from Piraeus to the Port of Karlovassi on Samos.

GAC explained that the RIB will play a critical part in search and rescue efforts off the Greek islands, as HRT struggles to cope with growing number of refugees fleeing conflict and attempting to reach Greece from Turkey.

The rescue boat was donated under the Rule One initiative launched by Atlant Ocean Racing, in co-operation with Team SCA and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

"This time-sensitive and life-critical shipment required meticulous planning together with Atlant Ocean Racing and involved multiple key partners in order to deliver the RIB within the tight time frame," said Alexander Olsen, business manager, logistics services at GAC Sweden.

Richard Brisius of Atlant Ocean Racing added that the job was handled very well, despite a number of unexpected obstacles en route, including strikes, road blocks and storms.


The rescue boat at work.