June 9 - GAC Pindar - official logistics supplier of the Volvo Ocean Race - transported the Team Vestas Wind yacht from the Indian Ocean to Lisbon, after it was seriously damaged while racing in November 2014.

After running aground on a shallow reef in the Indian Ocean, GAC Pindar ensured the boat was recovered, rebuilt, and redelivered to Portugal in time for the next leg of the race.

GAC Pindar first recovered the stricken yacht from the reef before organising the transport and Customs clearance of salvaged boat materials from the reef to Genoa.

From Genoa, the yacht was transported to the Persico Marine boatyard in Bergamo, where it was rebuilt, before being transported to Lisbon in time for the in-port race on June 6.

GAC Pindar also organised the shipment of a new mast from New Zealand to Lisbon, ensuring that it arrived on time for the arrival of the repaired boat so that it could be attached and tested in time for the beginning of the race.