June 8 - With effect from July 1, 2016, Galborg Pte Ltd will be renamed MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping Pte Ltd, while Galborg USA, LLC will renamed MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping LLC.

MACS will continue to run its multipurpose liner service between North America and southern Africa, known as GAL (Gulf Africa Line), and says that apart from the name change, it will be "business as usual".

As well as a logo change, the Galborg website - www.galborg - will be replaced by the MACS site - www.macship.com - while staff in North America and Singapore will adopt MACS email addresses. All Galborg email addresses will be continued until the end of 2016 to ensure that emails are not missed.

Since this is just a name change, MACS confirmed that it would continue to honour all existing contracts and agreements.