January 13 - Enerpac has developed a 450-ton (408-tonne) capacity lift and rotation strand jack gantry, which it claims is the first of its kind to feature a rotating unit, enabling the lift and rotation of large turbine equipment during power plant insta

According to Enerpac, the new strand jack gantry, which provides a lift and rotation capability for loads weighing up to 450 tons (408 tonnes) and measuring up to 15 m high, addresses one of the main challenges in the power generation sector - the installation of new equipment. Loads are typically transported on trailers positioned parallel to the power plant, although the equipment needs to be lifted and installed perpendicular to the trailer. 

The Enerpac strand jack gantry comprises four modular support legs supporting an overhead skid track for an Enerpac SBL1100 gantry. A pair of 200-ton (181-tonnes) capacity strand jacks is positioned on each gantry beam. The strand jacks are, in turn, connected by steel strands to a centrally suspended, custom made rotation unit and lifting beam. The lifting beam allows the load to be rotated by 90 degrees, which Enerpac claim is a unique feature of the gantry. 

The strand jack gantry and rotation unit are controlled via an Intellilift wireless control system.

"The strand jack gantry design combines the strength of strand jack lifting with the flexibility of a hydraulic gantry, and an innovative load rotation capability, to provide a highly capable lifting system for heavy loads," says Jeroen Naalden, director, Enerpac Integrated Solutions.

The Enerpac heavy lift and rotation gantry is designed such that the entire gantry can be transported in multiple standard containers for ease of deployment at port logistics centres and power plants. It was developed and manufactured at Enerpac's integrated solutions facility in Hengelo in the Netherlands.