October 9 - Gearbulk has confirmed that its office in London, UK has closed.

Ketil Andreassen, Gearbulk managing director explained that there has been a number of changes following the formation of G2 Ocean between Gearbulk and Grieg Star to pool their respective resources within the open hatch and conventional bulk sectors, as reported by HLPFI here: http://www.heavyliftpfi.com/news/g2-ocean-to-go-live.htm.

He added that relocation of offices and changes in personnel have been taking place all over the world. "Gearbulk's commercial operation in London was moved to Bergen, Norway, to enhance a strong and diversified team in that location."

G2 Ocean says the unobstructed decks of its geared vessels are perfect for project cargoes needing plenty of space. The vessels' box shaped holds offer protected space for smaller project pieces. Onboard cranes make loading and discharge efficient.