March 27 - Geodis, which recently rebranded, achieved a 1 percent year-on-year increase in revenue in 2014 at EUR6.871 billion (USD7.43 billion).

Freight forwarding made up 39 percent of the company's revenue, while distribution and express contributed 23 percent, contract logistics made up 17 percent, road transport supplied 11 percent, and supply chain optimisation totalled 10 percent.

Most of Geodis' revenue was made in France, with a 44 percent share, while the rest of Europe made up 31 percent. The Americas contributed 12 percent, while Asia Pacific totalled 11 percent - 5 percent of which was gained in China.

HLPFI reported on March 4 that Geodis was uniting the identities of its five operations under the single Geodis brand, and dropping the Geodis Calberson, Geodis Wilson, Geodis BM, Geodis Logistics and Geodis Supply Chain Optimization names.