November 7 - Globe Line Projects has transported a 110-tonne flash drum, measuring 22 m x 5.7 m x 6 m, from Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic to the Mozyr oil refinery in Mazyr, Belarus.

The cargo was transported from the factory in Hradec Kralove by road to the Port of Melnik, Czech Republic, where it was loaded onto a barge for onward transportation to Hamburg, Germany.

Milan Kortan, managing director at Globe Line Projects, said the company spent four months preparing the 160 km journey from the factory to the Port of Melnik, including bridge calculations and liaising with electricity distribution companies. "More than 200 power lines were de-energised to allow the convoy to pass through in the Czech Republic."

Once discharged in Hamburg, the flash drum was reloaded onto Baltnautic Shipping's general cargo vessel Aldebaran, for transportation to Klaipeda, Lithuania.

"Delivery from the Port of Klaipeda to Mozyr took seven days, the total length of the route was approximately 1,200 km. It was necessary to dismantle more than 100 road signs, fences, parapets, gates, traffic lights, etc. More than 100 power lines were de-energised and approximately 50 were dismantled," adds Kortan.