June 11 - Finland based project logistics company Gold Star Consulting has transported four out-of-gauge gantries from Rotterdam to Baku, Azerbaijan by road.

The gantries, each of which measured 18 m long, were loaded onto four flatbed trailers in Rotterdam before being transported from one side of Europe to the other by road. The four gantries are destined for use in the Shah Deniz 2 project.

Gold Star explained that transporting OOG cargo through Russia is always full of challenges, but due to the company's experience in the country the gantries were delivered on schedule.



The Finnish company also handled the transport of oversize equipment from Sheffield in the UK to the Russian port of St Petersburg.

Gold Star coordinated the packing, transport in the UK, loading in the port of Hull, export clearance in the UK, sea freight, and transloading from Mafi trailers onto trucks in the port of St Petersburg.