October 24 - Grieg Star Shipping's monthly service from the US East and Gulf coasts to the West Coast of South America (WCSA) is now fully operational.

The shipping line said it is has seen increased demand for transportation of equipment and materials since the introduction of this scheduled service in this trade lane, adding that most project and breakbulk cargoes can be accepted, including static and rolling/tracked machinery.

Regular load ports are Fernandina Beach, Mobile and Houston in the USA with discharge ports of Guayaquil, Ecuador; Callao and Chimbote, Peru, as well as San Antonio and Coronel in Chile.

Via its hub in Houston, Grieg Star Shipping also provides through transport solutions to and from the European ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Bremen as well as Helsingborg, Umeå, Sundsvall and Tilbury (in cooperation with its partner SCA Transforest).

Grieg Star Shipping says its project cargo department in Gothenburg specialises in the following sectors: Energy (power generators and turbines); wind energy; rail cars; cranes, oil & gas equipment; cable reels; boats and other break bulk cargoes, as well as a wide range of rolling stock; including agriculture and construction equipment; mining equipment and other cargoes for the automotive industry.