May 28 - Working with Mayan Group, its partner in Israel, GROUP7 used open top containers, flat racks, rolltrailers, 20-foot, 40-foot and high cube containers to transport various large and unwieldy processing plant components from Germany to Israel.

GROUP7's chairman, Günther Jocher, explained that: "the processing equipment includes tanks with an individual weight of 20 tonnes. Our project expertise stood us in good stead when handling items measuring 7.90 m x 4.70 m x 5.05 m."

Vitaly Mishiev, from Milco Industries, the company that is building the new dairy plant in Netivot, Israel, stated that "the components were in perfect condition when they reached the building site at precisely the arranged time. Everything went very smoothly."

For the new factory, which measures 35,000 sq m, all the milk processing equipment and the engineering were supplied by German process engineering company GEA TDS. Delivery of the factory's components to Nevitot began in September 2011, and the seven production lines are expected to begin manufacturing dairy products this summer.

GROUP7 and the Mayan Group are responsible for the entire transport organisation of all the dairy factory components. Around 250 containers and various ro-ro consignments had to be forwarded from Germany to Israel.

Mishiev, Milco Industries' project manager, said that: "the processing equipment is the heart of our dairy. This is why we could not permit any mistakes when the transport was organised. We searched for the best logistics company in the market and found our dream team in the shape of GROUP7 and the Mayan Group."

GROUP7 says it prepared a special service package for the transport of the processing equipment. Jörg Vieth, GROUP7's branch manager in Hamburg, declared that: "we supervised the project from start to finish and this was vital for its success. We obtained detailed information about the prevailing conditions at GEA in Germany, as well as at the building site in Netivot."