October 13 - Crane and transport contractor Transportes y Grúas Aguado's recently acquired Liebherr LR 11000 has been utilised to lift 36 concrete blocks weighing up to 180 tonnes at the Port of Punta Langosteira in Coruña, Spain.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Transportes y Grúas Aguado purchased the heavy-duty crawler crane from Liebherr in August.

The LR 11000, with a maximum lifting capacity of 1,000 tonnes, and will be mainly used by Transportes y Grúas Aguado for infrastructure and petrochemical projects, as well as for the erection of wind turbines.

Transportes y Grúas Aguado currently has 50 Liebherr cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 30 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes.