November 30 - Germany headquartered Gustav Seeland - a member of the Big Move network - has completed the delivery of an 80-tonne propeller from Waren an der Müritz to Hamburg in just one night.

Jan Gaarz, planning manager at the Hamburg headquartered haulier, said this project was straightforward to execute - something of a rarity in Germany where infrastructure is ageing and over-dimensional cargo transport is becoming more difficult to execute. The entire journey was completed on roads specifically designed for heavy lift transport requirements. 

The route along which the 9 m propeller had to traverse was surveyed using Gustav Seeland's 3D route-scanning vehicle. To ensure the cargo stayed stable during transit it was supported by struts, which also lowered the weight to be distributed across the 12-axle trailer.

Olaf Beckedorf, Gustav Seeland managing director, added: "We do not really require such perfect conditions. Gustav Seeland is not a fair-weather operator. We undertake our own computer-based route reconnaissance, which generally ensures we know what conditions to expect almost anywhere."