The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has awarded Quality Shipping for the 21st Century (Qualiship 21) status to 29 of Höegh Autoliners’ managed vessels.

The Qualship 21 incentive programme aims to reward companies, operators, and vessels that demonstrate the highest commitment to quality and safety through the highest level of compliance with international standards and US laws and regulations, said Höegh.

Designated vessels are recognised and rewarded by the USCG by being subject to reduced port procedures.

The Höegh Technical Management (HTM) division oversees the ship management of the company’s vessels.

Dennis Desabille, head of the division, said: “Our HTM office along with our colleagues ashore and at sea have worked hard to ensure our vessels meet stringent port state controls not just in the US, but worldwide. Much of this achievement comes down to our high-quality safety management programme which provides a proactive approach and helps ensure our vessels meet the required standards.”