January 7 - H

According to the MCA, salvage expert calculations have revealed that more water has entered the stricken vessel than previously thought, and therefore a refloat will require a longer weather window than is available today.

"The alternative option of securing the Hoëgh Osaka will be followed and preparations for the re-float will continue when the weather allows," said the MCA statement.

HLPFI reported on January 5 that the Hoëgh Autoliners vessel developed a severe list shortly after she left port and the pilot and the master took the decision to save the vessel and the crew by grounding her on Bramble Bank.

Over the past days, salvors have been making onboard assessments of the vessel. "The cargo is still in position. On one deck plant has moved and caused a slight crack in the hull. There has been a small ingress of water below the water line but this was rapidly dealt with when discovered by the salvors and there is no evidence of pollution," said the MCA.