November 15 - Following the successful resolution of all claims against the ship, Hansa Heavy Lift has announced that HHL Richards Bay is sailing once again.

HHL Richards Bay, formerly known as the London, joins the seven other so-called P2-Class ships currently in active service with HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

The company says that it will take delivery of her sister ships: HHL New York in December, and HHL Kobe in March 2012.

With the delivery of HHL Kobe, the shipping line's fleet will total 21 ships including 10 P2-Class vessels with an average age of less than two years. All of the P2- Class vessels were produced at the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard.

The release of HHL Richards Bay is an important milestone for the company as it brings to an end, any and all outstanding claims against the P2-vessel class.

Roger Iliffe, CEO Hansa Heavy Lift said: "We are delighted that, together with our bank and the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard, we were able to arrive at a comprehensive solution, and successfully achieve the release of the HHL Richards Bay. We naturally want to continue to further build on the strong relationship that we now have with the shipyard and with our lead financing banks. With the P2-Series, in terms of crane capacity, age and their function as a multipurpose heavy lift vessel, our customers obtain the best transport solutions for their valuable, sensitive cargoes."

Shen Shun Hua, vice director of the Business & Marketing Department at Hudong-Zhinghua Shipyard added: "We were successfully able to resolve the obstacles that had been put in our path and work together to release the London. We are proud of the performance of the P2-vessel class and look forward to continuing to collaborate with Hansa Heavy Lift."