September 30 - Hansa Heavy Lift has sold two of its F-Class vessels to the Spliethoff Group.

Speaking to HLPFI at the Breakbulk Americas event this week, the company's chief commercial officer, Joerg Roehl indicated that Hansa Heavy Lift is looking to reduce its F-class fleet as part of its stated strategy of reducing the number of smaller project ships that it has and increasing the number of larger geared ships.

Now this has become manifest with the sale of the HHL Nile and the HHL Amazon, although Hansa says that currently there are no plans to sell any more.

Both ships were built in 2009 and are multipurpose vessels with a gross tonnage of 9,611 tonnes. Each is geared with two 180-tonne capacity cranes, combinable for lifting up to 360 tonnes.

HLPFI understands that the HHL Nile has been renamed Heemskerkgracht, whilst the new name of HHL Amazon has yet to become public.

Amsterdam-headquartered Spliethoff offers a broad portfolio of specialised services in sectors including dry cargo, breakbulk and project cargo (Spliethoff), project cargo and heavy lifts (BigLift Shipping), container and ro-ro cargo and door-to-door services (Transfennica and Transfennica Logistics), shortsea shipping (Wijnne Barends), yacht transport (Sevenstar Yacht Transport) and offers ro-ro tonnage (Bore).

The group operates a large and modern fleet of more than 100 vessels ranging from 2,100 to 23,000 tonnes, including multipurpose, geared tweendeckers, heavy lift vessels, semi-submersibles, shortsea and ro-ro vessels.