July 22 - Harms Bergung Transport und Heavylift's anchor handling tug AHT Orcus has towed Transocean's semisubmersible rig Development Driller II from the Gulf of Mexico offshore Port Fourchon to Palermo.

The rig was towed over a period of 37 days, with a stopover in Gibraltar for crew changes.

After delivery in Palermo, AHT Orcus headed to Las Palmas to prepare for its next job.

Elsewhere, after delivering Transocean's Sedneth 701 to Point Noir, another of Harms Bergung's tugs AHT Uranus picked up Diamond Offshore's semisubmersible rig Ocean Confidence in Cameroon and transported it to Las Palmas.

After being disconnected from the rig, AHT Uranus was kept on hire by Diamond Offshore to perform passenger transfers for three days.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Harms Bergung Transport und Heavylift operates a fleet of eight anchor handling tugs worldwide.